Most people assume that to forgive is to 'Let someone off the hook', for a past action or word that has caused them hurt in some way. It could be mental or physical. Not Spiritual as the Soul can never ever be hurt or damaged in any way shape or form.

But what if this deed was not, 'For Keeping' it was meant to be, 'For Giving'? And if it was for giving then it must be a gift.

What do you usually do with a gift? You can treasure it, put it on display so that everyone can see it and every time you look at it you think of the giver with joy.

Or you could absolutely hate the gift and then possibly give it away as a raffle prize. This gift was definitely for giving, it has been given twice already!!

Then there is the gift that doesn't have a physical form but is more 'Earth Shattering', to you than anything wrapped in paper and tied up with string could ever be.

You know what I mean, when someone you Love treats you, badly, unkindly definitely not Lovingly, as you would have expected.

What have you done with this gift? Kept it hidden in your Heart and let the pain grow and grow? Lots of people do, you are definitely not alone, but that doesn't make you feel any better does it?

Maybe you have confronted the people concerned thinking that perhaps they don't realise the impact their actions have had on you. Yet the words that would have brought you comfort and made you feel better were not forthcoming, now you feel worse. Do you feel guilty? Was it all your fault after all? No way!!

Now let me tell you this, once a gift is given it no longer has anything to do with the donor. It is now your responsibility. You can keep it and cherish it or hang onto it and let it fill you with dis ease. You can give it away to another or let it go with Love into the Ether. You have the right to do with it just as you please, whatever pleases you is the right thing to do.

All the hurts you have hung onto are the result of actions perpetrated in the past which simply cannot be changed.

There is a game children love to play at parties, it is called 'Pass the Parcel'. They all sit in a circle and whilst the music is playing they pass the parcel from one to another, when the music stops whomever has the parcel at the time takes off a layer of wrapping paper. So the game continues until the last piece of paper is removed and the present is revealed. The child with the gift at the end is the winner.

Your emotional and, sometimes, physical pain is like the layers of wrapping paper. As you remove each outer coating the pain becomes less and less. Look, they lie as rubbish at your feet, only fit for the dustbin. Finally there is only one more layer, soon the gift will be revealed and it will be yours, you will be the winner because you are the only player in this game.

Freedom is the prize!!

Freedom from self inflicted chains that bind and restrict you.

Freedom to be the Beautiful Soul on the outside that you always have been on the inside.