You can learn and progress by reading and listening to others when they are giving guidance as they see it. But never lose sight of the fact that if it does not feel right to you it is not right for you. This does not mean that what is being said or has been written is incorrect, just that for you it is not right for now, and maybe, never will be. This is not a problem. Each one of you has your own pathway and the personal responsibility of how your tread it. There may be times when you will agree with what is being said or can see the merits but still don't want to accept it as your Truth. Reluctance is your right. Perhaps it is too down to Earth, lacking in the frills of Love and Compassion. But still you can see the logic. Then try to blend your feelings with the new lessons and see how that makes you feel. Interpretation by another is a personal thing and even when they are dogmatically saying that what they are receiving is from the Infinite Source and is right. Always remember that man is fallible even in his sincerity.

The greatest lessons are learnt by going inside yourself and listening to your inner voice. You will find that you will always blend with the wisdom from within because it is yours and yours alone. Share the method and the feelings with all who are wanting to listen and let them find their own Truth too. This is the greatest assistance you can give to anyone. Nothing second hand is truly yours. To experience first hand is the way forward. You need one another for support and encouragement but only you can tread your pathway and reach your ultimate goal. Walk with your God in your Heart, hold Him in your hand and reach out to touch those who come to you. Giving Unconditional Love to another does not guarantee a reciprocation. Many have not yet learnt how to give and not to expect something in return. Even if it is only a Thank you. What you give is your responsibility and there it ends. How it is received and dealt with is not. Keep trying to let go of the Earthly restrictions man has placed on you. You are Free, you are Unique, you are Special and you are Loved Unconditionally. Who could possibly ask for anything more?