When you were young, maybe you didn’t realise that you could make a choice. You were told what to do, what was right and what was wrong. The difference between good and bad. If you were lucky you were given values and standards to live by.

But those values and standards belonged to those who, in good faith, passed them on. To become yours you had to choose which felt right for you personally. This could sometimes take ages.

Teenage years is a time when many reject what has been taught, out of hand, with no better reason than, they want to be themselves and nothing like their parents, guardians or whoever is in authority over them.

Then you fall in love and you will do anything to make your new partner happy. The Sun shines out of you know where and maybe you get a bit blinded because you are seeing everything through rose tinted glasses.

The next development is the arrival of offspring and suddenly the boot is on the other foot. You are the teacher and the setter of standards and values. Have they changed at all since you were little? If so, is it for the better or not?

Perhaps over the years they were slowly whittled away. This is nobody’s fault but your own, you allowed it to happen. It takes strength of character to stand up for what you believe in when those around you are decrying it as old fashioned.

The longer you allow this state of affairs to exist the harder it is to break free and become the Real You. You must be true to your own heart and mind and learn to accept the next person’s truth whilst acknowledging it as theirs, not yours.

There are two sides to everything, a positive and a negative. What is one person’s positive is another person’s negative. Try looking at the other person’s point of view, just because it doesn’t feel right for you does not make it wrong.

If you practice every day trying to see the positive side of everything you will soon find that your outlook on life has changed quite considerably. You might even find yourself chuckling for no accountable reason. It’s great.

Life is what you make it. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. You are also responsible for your reactions to other people’s actions. Think about it. Did they mean to hurt you or are you hurting yourself by the way you react?

The World has a lot of despair and unhappiness so it is up to everyone to try and spread a little Light and Love. If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours, you can spare it. There’s plenty more where that one came from.