Many find the concept of Self Love difficult to come to terms with. Perhaps it was drummed into them during childhood that they would never amount to much. Maybe they lived in someone else's shadow and never shone in their own right.

Sometimes it is easier to live your life as circumstances have dictated, than to emerge from your chrysalis and be the Real You. Go on give your butterfly the chance to breathe the air, feel the Sunshine on your wings and soar to freedom.

Initially you may be a stranger to yourself, as well as everybody else. Just remember a stranger can be a friend you have not yet got to know. Take time to slowly get acquainted, you will be amazed at how much you have in common.

There will be times when things seem to be progressing quite nicely. Then you will suddenly come back down to Earth with a metaphorical bump. Perhaps you are believing all the positive things people are saying about you and it feels good.

The Humility maybe is missing and the hat size might have increased somewhat. Whatever happened to the non-judgemental you? Does your Ego seem to have emerged as brightly as anyone else's? That was never going to happen to you.

Just recognise the situation and remember, you are Human, not Heavenly. Yesterday is in the past and you know it cannot be changed. Today is a new day waiting fro you to experience it, not with negativity, what a waste of a day that would be.

The first step is to recognise your failings. The smoker is always going to give up tomorrow. The alcoholic can give up anytime likewise the drug addict they don't have a problem really. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

To forgive yourself can be difficult too. You feel compassion for someone who is trying their best to overcome a problem. You deserve the same compassionate Love too, why do you not feel it for yourself?

God forgives you every time you stray and Loves you just as much as before. Always remember that you are never alone and every new day is a gift from God, just for you to do with as you please. Live it in Love, Joy and Peace.

God Bless You.