There are times when some of you look back over your Earthly lives to date, and with the benefit of hindsight, say that if your had your time over again, and you knew what you know now, you would do this differently and that differently. Some things you wouldn’t do at all because they were the biggest mistakes of your lives. From that point everything went downhill.

Think again, if you had the knowledge then, that you have now, you wouldn’t have needed to experience all those feelings and traumas. The most important thing is that you have learnt from it all. You must have done, otherwise you wouldn’t know that you would deal with it differently now if it happened again. For those decisions you made once but now would avoid, try looking at them in a different light.

Try to imagine the greatest emotional pain you have ever experienced as the greatest gift you have ever received and the giver must therefore be the kindest person in the World. Not easy, but it can be done if you really try. Even if the only outcome is that you never treat anyone else in the same hurtful way. That is a positive reaction. Always remember that you can only truly know how you feel about any given situation, you can only imagine how and why another acts in the way they do. Even if you think you are absolutely sure that you know what makes them tick, you really don’t.

What if the roles were reversed and you were the kindest person in the World to someone else. How do you think it would make you feel? You may say that you would never hurt anyone knowingly. Okay, but what if you did it unknowingly. They would still be hurt and what is worse you would be oblivious to their pain and therefore wouldn’t try to make amends. Also they would probably assume that you had done it on purpose as no apology was forth coming. More lessons to learn.

Always try to treat those you meet with a dose of TLC who knows what pain that face is hiding from the World? Perhaps they have been concealing it so long that they are hiding it from themselves too. Look on every experience as gift to be appreciated and used on future journeys along life’s way. Learn from your reactions and feelings. Examine them and put them to good use to help others. The most important person to you, first thing every morning and last thing every night, is YOU. You are really special, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t and so may you always be aware of your God by your side every step of the way.