Many times there have been 'Special Souls' who have walked upon your Earth to bring Light necessary to show the way. To give you the Guidance needed to help you find the Truth once more. The Truth that never changed and will never change. Only man, in his great wisdom, has found it necessary to embellish it. To interpret it in his own individual way. He has forgotten how to truly listen to what is being said. He often hears what he thinks is being said and then jumps to conclusions with great agility. Only to find, when he eventually wakes up, that he has put himself such unnecessary heartache and pain.

During their time on the Earth Plane, the 'Special Souls' are human and constricted by the same boundaries as everybody else. They have the same frailties as anybody else. Their bones and blood can be broken and spilt just as easily as yours. They did not ask you to put them up on Pedestals or to proclaim them as Gods. You still do it to this day. This is not kind to the one you idolize, for sooner or later they will do something or other that you don't like and then they will come crashing down from the height you have elevated them to. Take them down gently, now, before they or you get hurt and place them, instead, safely in your Heart where there is to be found forgiveness and compassion for human failure.

They bring with them a gift they are willing to share for the benefit of mankind. If only you will listen. Listen with your Ears, your Eyes and your Heart and you will hear the Truth the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. You need to go back to a time when things were simple. When good was good and bad was bad. There are no degrees of right or wrong. Childlike simplicity will enable you to see things as they really are. Bring back the magic and enchantment into your life.

The Truth is within each one of you, maybe it is hidden due to lack of use over the years. Rekindle the Light in the attic of your mind and rediscover the long forgotten treasure there. Examine it closely, all that is needed is a bit of practice to recapture the familiarity and ability to live it again. Unconditional Love is the key to unlock the flood gates. Give it with all your Heart, especially to those who really try your patience. They are the ones in most need.

Everyone of you has the ability to make a difference. To start a World Trend by giving Love to those you meet and greet and by living a Loving example. Others will copy when they see your glow. Send Loving thoughts to all four corners of the World, to World Leaders, Monarchs, Religious Leaders. To the poor and lonely and victims of war torn countries. The Animals and Birds and Fishes. The Trees and Plants all need your Love. There is so much to do that it will take each and everyone of you to work the Miracle. But don't doubt for one moment, it can be done.