The Man in Black

The young man approached me with a friendly smile. Could I spare him a few moments? He was dressed in black from head to toe, on his lapel was a plastic badge informing all and sundry that he is an elder of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints.

Bless his heart, he didn’t look old enough to be an elder of anything. I have a Granddaughter who looks older.

We chatted for about thirty minutes. It would have been longer but despite the fact that I told him I was feeling a bit woozy after an acupuncture session and then later that my car park ticket would be running out, he continued unabated with his Tenet.

I have to say that we agreed on several points, but this was not good enough for him. He was sent out to show me the error of my ways and so it had to be all or nothing. What a pity.

As I continued on my way I noticed other young men similarly occupied, all of them dressed in black, I wonder why? Joseph had a coat of many colours, why couldn’t they wear something more joyful?

I send him and all employed in similar occupations, Love, Chuckles and Hugs to lighten their load.