All children should be told
At least once a day, that they
Are beautiful and they are Loved.
This should be carried through
The teenage years and adolescence
Then during young adulthood
Adulthood, middle age and old age

This practice should be carried out in
Families, Villages, Towns and Cities.
Countries and Continents alike.
All over the World and Universe.
Spread it to the Animal Kingdom
The Birds and Fishes, Insects and Plants.
Trees and Rivers, Mountains and all of Nature.

Everybody should take responsibility for
Saying it to someone or something every day.
Then there would be an end to War and
Famine, Poverty and Plague.
Jealousy and Hatred cannot exist
Where there is the certain knowledge of Beauty and Love
Only Love and Beauty will flourish.

How could a beautiful person
Drop a bomb on another
Or pull a trigger?
Nobody would be allowed to starve.
When another had more than enough food.
No more abuse or homelessness.
Only giving and receiving, sharing and caring.
Beauty breeds Beauty, Love breeds Love.

What a joy it would be if the newest phase
Was to Love one another instead hate.
To help one another instead of hinder.
It the greatest strength on man could
Show to another, was gentleness and compassion
The World would shine like a Beacon in the Darkness of the night.
All because You are beautiful and You are Loved.