The twinkle of Starlight cannot discriminate between the eyes of a Blind Man or the eyes of one who can see. The effect is the same, both reflect the Light that is freely given and pass it on unwittingly to whomever they are facing at the time.

It is the same with Candlelight. No matter how small the flicker, it is instantly shared. You may be facing someone who has blotted their copy book as far as you are concerned, but the outcome is identical, regardless of hurt feelings.

Now just imagine what happens when you add a smile to the ingredients, a smile that starts in your Heart and by the time it reaches your eyes, Wow!! What a priceless gift you have given and it hasn’t cost a penny, but the value is immeasurable.

May all your lives be filled with Light. Keep your eyes open and share with all, your Light from within. Always remember that where there is Light, there is Love and where there is Love there is You and where You are so is God.