Time is precious do not waste it on looking back with regret or forward with indifference because you think that you do not deserve anything better. Live for now, begin again today, make a fresh start.

All the unhappiness and wrong turnings taken are behind you. They cannot be changed, but you can. Today is a special day, as special as you can make it or want it to be.

You deserve all the good things in life, as much as anyone else, but it has to start in your heart. Like a little seed let Love grow, soon it will get stronger and so will you.

The first step is the hardest, but once taken there is no turning back. What you give to others will be returned tenfold if only you try it. Start with a smile, if you do not get one back, never mind. Keep trying, do not give up.

After a while you will look at things in a different light. Colours will be brighter, the songs of birds will sound more joyful. It may not be plain sailing all the way, but it will really be worth the effort.