This is the time of year for Celebrations. For some it is the Birth long ago of a little baby in a Manger, for others it is a time to concentrate on new beginnings. Which is what a new birth is. It is a Special time of year especially for children, looking forward to opening all their presents.
Christmas is a powerful time, it affects people all over the World. Even a War was brought to a stop for this one day of the year so that all might celebrate each in their own way. People greet each other with a smile and often with the tune of a favourite Carol in their Heart.
It is possible to Celebrate Christmas every day of the Year. Not the material side. Presents, all the food and hard work that goes into the preparation. No but the true Spirit of Christmas. The Love and consideration for others. The thoughtfulness and time spent trying to make is Special for those you care for.
The Smile freely given to a stranger who looks down in the dumps. A Hug given to one who is in need. A Gentle Touch on the shoulder to let them know that you are there and you care. All these Simple Things can make it feel as if Christmas has come early to the one on the receiving end.
New Years' Resolutions don't just have to be made on January 1st. They can be made every day of the Year too. If they get broken there is nothing to stop you making them again and starting afresh today. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again. If you try to make it Christmas Day everyday for someone else you will find that it feels like Christmas Day for you too.