Each day of your life you are writing a page of your autobiography in the ether. It starts on the day you are born with your name on the title page and the acknowledgements to parents and all who helped make your birth possible.

Every day you start a new page as soon as you open your eyes. No alterations may be made to previous pages as they have already gone to press, but don't worry there are no mistakes, how could there be it is your life and you are living it.

Perhaps there are things you would do differently if you had your time over again. That's okay, if you hadn't done it the way you did you wouldn't realise that. You will have another chance and then the choice will be yours once again.

Once you realise that you are answerable to nobody but yourself for your thoughts or actions you will have taken a giant stride forward. Seek the beauty within, not just in other people or things but, also and most importantly, deep inside yourself.

The outer casing maybe a prickly shell but once cracked it will reveal all the vulnerable simplicity of the new born, blinking in the light of day for the first time. Love and gentleness will encourage natural growth. Every single one of you responds to TLC given half a chance.

If everyone woke up one morning with the longing for PEACE throughout the World. It would happen. It is as simple as that. If World Leaders sat round the table with no preconditions or recriminations and decided that all they wanted was PEACE. It would happen.

All the killing and bombing that has gone on all round the World is in the past and cannot be changed. It cannot be forgotten, nor should it be. Rather it should be remembered so that it will never happen again. But today is a new day.

Put aside all negativity and grievances. It was once said, 'Let he who is without Sin cast the first stone'. How wonderful it would be it today everyone wrote on their page. TODAY WILL BE THE FIRST DAY OF WORLD PEACE IN OUR TIME LORD. Amen to that.