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Poems listed by Catagory and Title


  With You Always
  Through The Mist of Time
  Only a Thought Away
  Look Back with Joy
  I Love You Still


  What would the Master Do?
  Golden Light
  Pass it On
  God Made
  Heavenly Hieroglyphs



  Gentle Farewell
  Oh Lovely Day
  Winter Is
  The Gift of Light
  Lone Star



Let the tears flow they are a healing release to your emotions. Although you didn't hold me in your arms or see me smile when you called my name. Please know that I felt the Love and excited anticipation that was directed to me by those who were touched by just the thought of me.

What influences the act of Love between two people can have. Far reaching to countries spread across the World. Family and friends will feel your loss and may say that it is probably for the best, you are still young and can try again. This is true but you will never be replaced in my Heart no I in yours.

I chose you as my Family so that I could experience the Unconditional Love only you and yours would provide. This was the lesson I had to learn. My unexpected and unplanned presence was received and adjusted to quite beautifully. It will be up to you now to work out what your lesson is. We chose each other.

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When you allow the pain to ease
And let go of the grief
Then you will be able
To feel my peace
Through the Mist of Time.

When you release your wanting and wishing
For things that might have been, should have been
Then you will be able
To hear my voice
Through the Mist of Time.

When you realise the loving part you had to play
In setting my Soul free
Then you will be able
To see, I am always here
Through the Mist of Time.


As a little bird sings in a tree
And night follows day
I will always be
Only a thought away.

As you gradually let go of your grief
And your skies become less grey
I will always be
Only a thought away.

Heartache will ease
And the melancholy fade away
I will always be
Only a thought away.

You will always be
In my Heart
And I will always be
Only a thought away.

All you have to believe is
Love never dies
So you and I will always be
Only a thought away one from the other.

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The eternal Golden Chain
Links all, one to the other, invisibly
No matter where they are, near or far.
I feel blest your link is next to Mine.

Without you in my life
I would not have been the same person.
The same can be said for you too.
I'm so glad you link was next to Mine.

We will always be connected
By the Golden Chain of Love, You and I
Physical death cannot break the bond.
What a joy, your link is still next to Mine.

No more aches and pains or medication
No more restrictions or frustrations
Only Peace and pleasure.
And time to treasure Your link next to Mine.


The last few months of my Earthly existence
Hold unhappy memories for you My Dear
The sight of my poor battered body, lingers yet
Causing you distress for my suffering, and maybe
Guilt that you were not there to save me.
Anger at others who could have/should have done more.

Stop and let go of it all, right now Sweetheart.
It was only the overcoat I was wearing at the time
That was damaged. My Soul was still perfect.
Just as yours is. Nobody and nothing can damage
Or hurt the Soul within. Bricks and mortar
With the help of builders, can make a house.
It is the people who live inside, who make it a Home.

Remember 'Happy Times' my Daughter
Let the memories touch your Heart with Love
Then let the feeling continue up to your beautiful face.
Bringing a smile. By the time it reaches your eyes
The Sun will be shining once more within your Soul.
The reflection of your light will reach me in a twinkling of an eye.
Every time you appreciate beauty in any way shape or form.
You will be seeing me as clearly as the nose on your face.

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Dearest One it hurts me to see you grieving so. I am well and happy and have no pain. I know this is what you would want. I have not left you completely my dear. Just imagine that I am at the other end of the telephone and all you have to do is dial the right number.

Sit quietly, close your eyes and remember happy times we spent together. Feel the Sunshine on your face and my hand in yours. Go on give yourself a chance, practice makes perfect. If at first you don't succeed, don't give up, try again. You'll see I will be there with you.

Time now to pick up the pieces and start again. Live each day to the full, don't waste a minute, each one is precious. We are all put on the Earth to live and learn. There is a positive side to all situations if you just look hard enough. It's not easy but, nothing, worthwhile, is.

Perhaps the reason for me going before you was to be able to prove to you that my dying was not the end of everything, but just the interval during a Theatre show. We will meet up again when we retake our seats. It was my time, just as simple as that.

Love never dies and neither does the Spirit of each one of us. I will always be just a thought away so remember thoughts are living things. Put away your sadness and rejoice in the knowledge that I am fine. I send you all my Love, Light and Healing. God Bless till we meet again.

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When not matter how hard you try to do the right thing
It is still taken the wrong way.
When you make sure that all the 'Ts' are crossed
And all the 'Is' are dotted.
Still they manage to misinterpret your message.
Stop and think, 'What would the Master do?'
He would Love them, Love them, Love them.

When you allow the pain of a hurtful word or deed
Grow inside and will not let it go.
When it seems as if everyone is against you.
And your World is getting smaller
Because of ever closing doors.
Stop and think, ' What would the Master do?'
He would Love them, Love them, Love them.

On the days when you are, maybe, less than perfect.
When everything seems to go wrong.
And deep inside you know that you could have done better
Maybe have been a little more patient with someone.
Or more tolerant and gentle with another
Stop and think, 'What does the Master do?'
He Loves You, Loves You, Loves You.
Love is the strongest weapon man has under his belt.
It is said to make the World go round.
And yet it is weightless, carried within the Hearts of men.
The secret is to release it into the atmosphere
Where everyone can breathe it, absorb it into their being.
And share it, share it, share it.
This is what the Master Did, Does and always will Do.

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At the moment of Creation there was a Golden Light,
Shining in the darkness.
You are all Golden Lights from the time of your conception.
Life has its ups and downs for One and All,
But in your darkest hours,
That is when you Shine most brightly.

Look at the Night Sky when it is at it's blackest.
The Moon and the Stars seem to shine brighter that ever.
When the Clouds are full of Rain and Thunder,
That is the time the Rainbow is at it's most beautiful.
It can't be seen nearly as clearly when the Sky is blue.

This is all an illusion, the Moon and Stars don't actually change the magnitude of their brightness nor the Rainbow the colourfulness of its stripes. It's just the contrast that makes it seem so. So too your Golden Light may appear to wane at times, but worry not this too is a bit of magic, not so much the speed of the hand deceiving the eye,
More the concept of the mind, deluding the Heart.

You are The Source of Golden Light, each and everyone of You. Now and always, cherish it, share it with all who cross your path. This will ensure the eternal continuation of God's Love. Growing in strength, in shape and in size, in colour and in creed.
God's Love is a Golden Light
God's Love is You.

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The secret of Life is within each and every one of you to access it is easy but, will take a lifetime. The key is to help one another, with Love. By so doing the lock will be sprung.

Some locks will require more oil than others but no matter if everyone of you vowed to help just one person ultimately you would all be helped not a lot to ask, when you think about it.

You will never be alone in your task, even when times seem dark there is a most beautiful multi-coloured light within you.

Your goal is to reveal it to all and share your illumination by helping another to show their light so yours will become more apparent.

Live with Love and Joy in your Heart and share, share, share.
Whatever you are doing, do it consciously with Love. Whether it is the washing up, changing a nappy or emptying the dustbins. Do it with concentrated Love in your Heart.

Maybe you are a high powered executive, with very little time to spare this is absolutely no reason for you to be excluded. Your Light has as much need and right to be in evidence as the next persons. It is your most important responsibility, it is why you are here.

Perhaps you are in prison, be it physical or mental makes no difference. By letting someone get close enough to you to help you. You will be giving them the gift that they need to be helped too. You are all absolutely vital to the final outcome.
No exceptions will be made so the sooner you get started the better. Once you take the first step you will wonder what took you so long. The rewards are immediate, ongoing and limitless. Make today your starting point and you will never look back.

At the end of your Life's work you will have earned your passport. To the Higher Realms of Light. There you will see for the first time. All God's Children welcoming you Home.

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Choose a flower and really look at it deep inside.
It doesn't matter if it is an exotic Orchid or a simple Daisy.
Both are equally beautiful in their own way.
They both have their place in the World and they were both
Made by God not Man.

Listen to the song of a Bird, really listen
It doesn't matter if it is a Skylark of the humble Sparrow.
They both fill the air with wonderful sounds.
They both have their place in the World and they were both
Made by God not Man.

The blue Sky above and the green Grass below.
The Stars and Moon at night and the Sun during the day.
Who made the colours? Who made the Planets?
The Sea and Wind with their ever changing moods?
They were all made by God not Man.

God Loves you so much that he surrounds you
With all the beauty and wonders of this World.
You, like the Flowers and Birds, Sky, Planets and Elements
Have your place in the World and you were all
Made by God not Man.


The way you live your life
Is your prayer of Thanks
To God first and foremost
Secondly to your family and friends
Thirdly to Yourself.

So live your Life
Grandly, Magnificently
And enjoy yourself
To the greatest of your ability
Yet Simply.

That way your life
Will be both question
And answer.
And therefore completely whole.
God blesses you every day in every way.


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Every morning I check my emails
And send replies to those that require one.
It's such fun!!

Snail mail arrives later in the morning
And consists mainly of junk
But the Postie is a Hunk!!

However before Man could read or write
And yet still had a lot to say
God found a way!!

When there is Pink in the sky, God is sending You His Love
Anytime of day, any place in Your life.

A grey day with pouring rain is not a reason to be depressed.
Just know that Angelic window cleaners are at work. And grey
Is only unpolished silver, one of your beautiful smiles given
Freely to another will brighten their day and yours too.

Aeroplane traces criss crossed across the sky is a Heavenly Kiss
Just for you. You don't have to do anything to deserve it. Just
Accept the Love it is sent with.

A magnificent Sunset deserves to be admired, a Heavenly Artist is at work after all.

Gold of Silver pathways across the Sea are the routes taken
By Angels when they come to visit You.

Finally when you take the time to see the pictures in the clouds
Then you will have opened your God Mail. He sends it every day.

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"What was that Mummy?"
"A clap of Thunder, child. God is moving His furniture around, just like we did when we brought your bed downstairs."
"Did we make that much noise, Mummy?"
"Maybe we did to the little animals who live underground".
"What was that Mummy?"
"A flash of Lightening child. God is setting off fireworks, there is a great celebration in Heaven today. Just like there was on Earth, the day you were born."
"But you told me that it poured with rain that day Mummy."
"Yes child. God was crying because He was so sad that you were leaving Heaven, even for a little while."
"He didn't miss me for long, Mummy, because the next day the Sun shone brightly, you told me so."
"It made God smile to see how much we loved you child and He was happy for you to come and visit."
"Why are some of the stars in the sky bigger than others, Mummy?"
"I don't know, child. Maybe the bigger ones are the old folk who have gone back to Heaven and the little ones are the children."
"Tomorrow, I will know, Mummy."
"Yes child, tomorrow it will rain in my Heart."
"I know Mummy, but the next day let the Sunshine light up your face again. And in the night my Star will be the brightest in God's ceiling." "I Love you Mummy."
"I Love you Child."

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This morning the Sun
Put it's arms around my shoulders.
And the gentle breeze
Cupped my face in it's hands
I am Loved.

Bird songs filled the air
Accompanied by the buzzing
Of the Bees collecting nectar
From the beautiful flowers
They are Lovely.

Myriad greens caress the eye
From every direction
Whilst clouds busy themselves
With cleaning the atmosphere.
So that we may Love.



Winter is a time when some animals
Hibernate in a dark warm place.
Winter is a time when some trees and plants
Lie dormant in the ground.

Winter is a time when days are short and nights are long.
Winter is a time of life when the body slows down.
Winter is a frame of mind when
It closes down to reason and hope.

Winter is the Season before Spring.
Winter is the night before the dawn.
Winter is the end of one cycle
And the beginning of the next.

Always remember, the darker the Winter.
The tinier the spark of Light it will take
To make a difference.

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The twinkle of Starlight cannot discriminate between the eyes
Of a Blind Man or the eyes of one who can see. The effect is the same, both reflect the Light that is freely given and pass it on unwittingly to whomever they are facing at the time.

It is the same with Candlelight. No matter how small the
Flicker, it is instantly shared. You may be facing someone
Who has blotted their copy book as far as you are concerned,
But the outcome is identical, regardless of hurt feelings.

Now just imagine what happens when you add a smile to the
Ingredients, a smile that starts in your Heart and by the time
It reaches your eyes, 'Wow' what a priceless gift you have
Given and it hasn't cost a penny, but the value is immeasurable.

May all your lives be filled with Light. Keep your eyes open
and share with all, your Light from within. Always
Remember that where there is Light there is Love and where
There is Love there is You and where You are so is God.

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The young Indian Brave was fleet of foot as he ran along the river bank. The lush green grass made a soft carpet for his feet.

A fish caught from the stream was his repast and a tree served as his back rest and support whilst he sat and contemplated life.

A snow topped Mountain painted the horizon in the distance. A dark green Forest nestled in the valley below whilst the River gently meandered.

The Sky was of the deepest blue and the Sun shone brightly. Bird song filled the air punctuated by the occasional 'Plop' of an inquisitive fish.

Animals of the Forest ventured forth with no feeling of apprehension or danger. They are used to the company of the Man with stillness in him.

The Beauty of the sights and sounds fill his Heart with unbounded Love for all, whilst he unconsciously contributes to the wholeness of the picture.

Wisdom can come from blending with the Peace and Joy of Nature. Taking time to be at one with the Earth as God made it. Quietness will teach much if you let it.

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Did you know that a chuckle starts
On the soles of your feet?
It wriggles it's way up to your knees.
In and out and round about
In your tummy.
Up past your lungs and heart.
Then it has to change shape and become long and skinny.
So that it can slide up your throat.
Now if you listen carefully,
You can begin to hear it.
A bit of a giggle at first.
Then as it reaches your eyes,
Can you feel a little shaking going on?
Before you know what's happened
You are Chuckling
And soon everyone around you will be too.
Because a Chuckle is catching you know!!

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