The Information Technology Age that we are now a part of is creating a fast paced world that can be both exciting as well as challenging.
However many people are experiencing higher levels of stress as they loose balance and harmony in their lives.
Healing is not the popular conception of removal of symptoms. Healing is to recover a greater experience of unity with the divine harmony, and our true selves. Healing is returning to a state of alignment with your Higher Self or true way of being. Bringing balance and harmony back to our live's.
With this in mind I offer Spiritual Healing to those who wish to have a state of balance and harmony returned to their life.


In its simplest form Spiritual Healing is simply the practitioner placing their hands on or just above the recipient with the intent of bringing healing, and allowing for Spiritual energy to flow.

Please Email by going to the contact page on the menu above. In the email state what you require and I can then reply with how I can help.

Distant Healing

Since there is no time or space to limit spirit, Spiritual Healing can operate without regard to limitations of space. As a qualified Spiritual Healing practitioner I can bring healing to a recipient regardless of distance.
If you or someone you know is in need of healing, but are unable to come here, then please just send me an email with your/their name and a short description of the ailment. It will then be my privilege to send healing where it is needed.
So no matter where you are in this world of ours. If you believe that I can help you please contact me so that we can discuss the problems and how I may help.

Free Counselling

If you have a problem or just want to talk. I am available.
No guarantees given.
You can contact me by email, just click on the contact button above or we can chat one to one via Yahoo Messenger my ID on the contact page.

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